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We provide a variety of eyecare services

Complete Eye Exams
We utilize state of the art equipment, including the Optos Retinal Imaging System and the Nidek OPD Scan III to quickly provide the most accurate information about your ocular health, and to assess your vision needs. Diabetic eye exams for our diabetic patients, monitoring of cataract progression, glaucoma, and macular degeneration are just some of the medical examination services we also offer. Patients will appreciate that we do not use the dreaded “Air Puff” machine to test intraocular pressure. Rather, we utilize the iCare handheld tonometer to quickly and easily measure pressure.
Contact Lens Evaluation & Services
All contact lens wearers require regular contact lens evaluations to not only assess their vision with contacts, but also to ensure that the fit is appropriate for the health of their cornea. We also conduct a tear film evaluation and take measurements of the surface of the eye. All of these assessments contribute to determining the best contact lens prescription. Our exceptional staff provides Insertion & Removal Training for our first time contact lens wearers and patients that would like a refresher. When you are ready to order your supply of contact lenses, we can do that for you and also apply any vision benefits you may have toward your purchase.
Urgent Medical Eyecare
Pain, discomfort, redness,and itchiness in the eye can be experienced for a variety of reasons, a few of those being a foreign body embedded in the eye, a scratch to the cornea, a bacterial infection, or an allergic reaction. Dr. Olive will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine the cause and then prescribe the most appropriate, effective treatment. Some of these issues present with similar symptoms, and therefore it is critically important to be evaluated quickly to prevent possible vision loss. This form of medical evaluation is different from a routine, comprehensive vision examination.
Optical Services
Our 2 licensed, certified full-time opticians on staff have 40+ years combined professional optical experience. This translates to superior optical services for our patients and customers that we believe is second to none in our area. Taking into consideration different lifestyle demands, occupations, and hobbies, not to mention phases of life, each client receives customized attention to select the best lenses and frame, and proper measurement. This level of expertise and service cannot be duplicated with inexperienced technicians or automated assessments. In addition, we provide a full selection of well over 350 eyewear frames that are hand selected and constantly curated by us with our clients in mind. When you have found your perfect frame, we will also assist you with maximizing your vision benefits and health savings dollars.

Quality Eyewear

We are proud to offer a wide selection of fine eyewear including these brands: